comic-sport - my blog with scribbled jokes and thougts about daily life

ChicksOnComics - Comic-discussion between 9 chickas from 4 different countries and occasional guest-chicks
Tittenbonus - my band from 2004 - 08
Vimeo - watch animated cartoons and music by me
o-ton WDDNG! - a performance by the first TIBO-drummer and me

aside from the web-shoppe you can buy my comics and screenprints in these shops in Berlin:
ComicBibliothek Renate - Tucholskystrasse 32
Bongout/Re:Surgo - Torstrasse 110
Neurotitan - in the Punk - "Hackesche Höfe" at Hackescher Markt
Supalife Kiosk - Raumerstrasse 41
Motto Berlin - Skalitzer Str. 68, im Hinterhof
Modern Graphics - Oranienstraße 22
... and in Seattle at
Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery - 1201 South Vale Street (at Airport Way S.)

...friends and colleagues...
Torsten--- --- strange and funny photography from Trier 
Micha--------- painter and freestyle-origami artist from Dresden
Karen ---- --- a standing curtain in Dresden
Dominik------ paintings of the German Angst
Corinne       - surrealistic paintings from Leipzig
Rüdiger------- Kate Moss-collages from Hamburg 

...some Berlin-based comic-artists, who you should check out!...
 Ulla----- -- - - we work together since 1979
Richard -------- from London cartoonist and editor of "The Comix Reader"
Clementine --- from France - born to be fruit!
Tinet -------- - from Sweden, selfpublishing since 2000!
Auge---------- from GDR - he really lived back in the original 80s!
Franziska ----- the Waxing factory...
Jarek------ - -- Meet Miss Bluebird
Nora----------- comic-performance-music
... yes, and there are comic-artists in Dresden, too...
Katja Klengel/ Leaf van Genova - one of the brave ones who dare to draw comics at the HfBK
comicmatscher - another one who survived HfBK as comic-artist!
Beatcomix - Dresden's only comic-publishers like to read comic-blogs? I got a looooooong link-list on my blog...
...artists who's work I enjoy, who influenced me or who I just like to mention (in no particular order - under construction)....
Alison Bechdel * Julia Wertz * Kate Beaton * Gabrielle Bell * Winshluss * Ulli Lust * Posy Simmonds* Katz & Goldt * Kerascoet * Gabby Schulz * Coleen Coover * Mr. Prolific * Mary Fleener * Debbie Drechsler * Renee French * Los Bros Hernandez * Daniel Clowes * Peter Bagge * KAZ * Art Spiegelmann * Scott McCloud * Aubrey Beardsley * Suehiro Maruo * David Lynch * Max Ernst *
Zine Fest Berlin
Los Superdemokratikos - Projekt für intellektuellen Fairtrade
Alrighter - handmade pockets

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