Lilli Loge was born 1979 in a small town in former Eastern Germany. She studied art in Dresden and now lives and works in Berlin. Lilli self-published a couple of comic-books, runs the blog comic-sport and is a member of chicks on comics. Her work appeared in anthologies such as kuš, Hive, Massive, Mamba and Renate.
Apart from drawing comics she also made animated films and was the singer/songwriter/guitarist of Tittenbonus.
Currently she is writing on a graphic novel.

Publications (S - solo, not an anthology)

"Edward Hopper on Foodstamps", published by Re:Surgo!, Berlin (S)
"Women in Culture and Politics", Moscow


„At the feminist bootcamp“, Berlin (S)
„Lies die kind“, Berlin (S)
„Die Plesiosaurus Sonderhefte # 2“, München
„Vrrooom - Genre as Vehicle“, Chicks on Comics, Berlin
Secret and silent 1 & 2, Chicks on Comics“, Berlin
„Die Streichelwurst. Das Magazin #7", Berlin

„My day off/ Mein freier Tag“, Berlin (S)
„Die Ex in der Ex-Rotaprint Kantate“ mit U.Loge, Berlin/Gdansk
„Die Unterbrechung“, mit U.Loge, Berlin/Gdansk
C-Promis“, Erlangen
Renate # 21, Berlin
„Rabenschnabel Kalender 2012“, Falkensee

„Bible # 3“, Berlin (S)
Die Streichelwurst. Das Magazin #4, Berlin
Kuš # 9 - female secrets“, Riga
Hive 5“, Grimalkin Press, Minneapolis

comic-sport“, Dresden (S)
Work-Life-Balance - a chicksoncomix-Fanzine“, Buenos Aires
MASSIVE 8“, Cascais
„Renate # 19“, Berlin
Rabenschnabel Kalender“, Falkensee

„Ben und Jenny - Glück im Unglück“, Dresden (S)
„Zucker“, Dresden (S)
„Renate # 18“, Berlin

Jahresendflügelträger (Pdf) “, Dresden (S)
„Masturbation“, Dresden (S)
„Nele & Sebastian in: A Blue Book“, Dresden (S)
„Die unglaublichen Abenteuer von Darth, Jack, Cat und Zahl“, Berlin (S)
„Mamba“ # 4, Beilage zur Jungle World, Berlin

„Mamba“ # 3, Beilage zur Jungle World, Berlin
„Post Edition Nummer 4“, Galerie Post, Dresden

„png“ # 63, Leipzig

„Smäsh Gürdüns auf der Reise ins Hula Pulla Land“, Dresden (S)
"schöne neue welt", Ausgabe Eins, Dresden

„Lilli Loges Fantastik Fantasies“, Dresden (S)

Read here my contributions to some of these anthologies

Exhibitions (S - solo show)

"gib laut" curated by Elke Graalfs, Kreuzbergpavilion, Berlin
"Comic and Cartoon Art Annual - exhibition of the short form and special format category", Society of Illustrators, New York

"The Feminist Pencil - 2", Moscow, St. Petersburg
"Orgasmen in 2D" at Comic Invasion Berlin
"Chicks on Comics in Berlin" at alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie futura, Berlin
"Lies die kind - Release" at T.V.O.D., Berlin (S)
"24-hour-comics-marathon" at Panke, Berlin

"Renate 21", Kotti-Shop, Berlin
24h Comicaustausch Berlin-Gdansk, Danziger Comicbibliothek

"Chicks on Comics at Entreviñetas", Bogota, Colombia

"Reality Kills - Kriegsbilder im Comic und auf der Bühne",
im Foyer des MGT, Berlin
"Chicks on Comics at Viñetas Sueltas", LDF gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentinia
Diplomausstellung HfbK Dresden

"Renates neue Hits!", Galerie Neurotitan, Berlin


"Spiel mit Lilli", Galerie Post, Dresden (S)

Vordiplom HfBK Dresden

"Turner Toons", Galerie Interdruck, Leipzig
"Reality Art", III.Art, Berlin

2004 - 2008 "Total sellout", wechselnde Orte, Dresden

Online - Articles, Reviews and Interviews

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- "Mädchenmannschaft" 2012 Interview about my blog "comic-sport"
(in German)
- "Where they draw" my desk and some tools
- "Else" - Interview 2010 about me and my art in general (in German)

about Chicks On Comics
- Freistil - about the exhibition in Berlin, 2013
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- "avoid the future" 2010 Chicks On Comix - Interview




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